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What Is A HIAB

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What Is A HIAB?
Commonly used for construction projects HIAB loader cranes are ideal for a wide range of projects and allow you to lift heavy and large goods due to the front stabilising legs. They are very versatile and come in a range of models, all with different abilities.

If you require HIAB crane hire services in Glasgow or nationwide, SynergyLifting Solutions offers a range of cranes suitable for any project. We can advise on which options we have for crane hire and what is best for your requirements and overall project. Call us on 0141 739 7550 for further information. Our team are always happy to help.

About HIAB
HIAB (Hydrauliska Industri AB) is a brand name owned by a Finish company. The company owns a range of loader cranes that are commonly used on constructions sites as well as for a wide range of other projects. They have become very well known in the haulage industry and refer to a lorry mounted crane or lorry loader.

They help to load and unload heavy goods and are made up of a crane and lorry combined. The flexibility of a HIAB crane hire service provides a host of benefits such as enabling you to handle a range of different sized loads. The vehicle’s engine is used to power the hydraulics of the crane and are extremely versatile. They can also be used to move containers and other large items from one location to another. A big advantage is they allow you to lift goods from over the cab as well as from the side, meaning more heavy loads can be lifted.

Why HIAB Crane Hire?
HIAB crane hire can be very beneficial for your business resulting in efficiency and quick turnaround for completing projects. With a selection of heavy lift and long reach loader cranes, there are a variety of options to choose from. Making sure you select the right HIAB crane for your project and requirements is paramount.

The HIAB crane comes with the equipment necessary to lift and move anything regardless of size or shape, making it ideal for any project. They can be utilised by many industries from industrial, commercial to residential projects. They are ideal for manoeuvering heavy objects into tight and awkward spaces.

One of the major benefits of HIAB crane hire is how cost-effective it can be in comparison to purchasing your own. HIAB crane hire also comes with flexibility for both long and short-term projects. The crane itself can be rotated up to 360 degrees depending on the model and requires a lot less space than a standard crane. Ideal if you have large or heavy items that you need moving.

Why Use Synergy Lifting Solutions?
With years of extensive experience in the industry, Synergy Lifting Solutions has a wide range of quality crane hire services available, including HIAB hire. With flexible hire lengths to competitive hire prices, we have something suitable for any project. Customer-focused, we always provide a friendly, professional and hassle-free, fast service.

Based in Glasgow, we also work across the UK and all equipment supplied is fully insured. We provide quality heavy lifting equipment where lifting and loading are required. We are on hand to help with any safety questions you have to prevent potential damage and our staff are available 24/7 for support.

With our HIAB hire, we also provide free quotes and fully insured equipment.